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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Have you been injured in a stairway-related fall? You're not alone: Almost half of all fall-related deaths in the U.S. occur as a result of falls down steps or stairways, and millions of people are injured each year in stairway-related accidents.

While some incidents may occur as a result of personal negligence, most accidents happen because of improper maintenance or poor construction of the stairs themselves, which means the negligent property owners are responsible for injuries that occur.

Here are Some of the Most Common Causes:

1. Improperly Positioned and Designed Handrails:

If the distance between the handrail and the wall, the minimum hand clearance, is not enough for easy grasping by the hand, the handrail will not serve its purpose of preventing falls by providing stability and support to the person ascending or descending the stairway.

Handrails that are loose or otherwise not properly secured may not be able to support a person's weight or may be unstable and “shaky” enough to cause missteps. 

The handrail height, the height of the handrail in relation to the stairs, should be constructed in compliance with the code.

2. Adequate lighting:

Navigating stairs safely requires enough lighting to see the steps clearly, from top to bottom. When there isn't enough light or when lights are positioned so they cause glare, missteps, trips and falls are common.

3. Loose carpeting or treads:

Holes, worn spots, lumps and loose edges can all cause tripping hazards, as can carpeting that's slick or slippery or padding that's rotted or bunched up underneath carpeting.

4. Poor construction:

Stairways and steps have specific structural guidelines they must follow to adhere to building codes, including the height if each individual stair and the depth of each step.

5. Low ceilings:

When stairways are not built to code, there may not be enough clearance for the ceiling above. As a result, low-hanging ceilings can cause bumps or tripping that can occur when a person is required to duck while descending or ascending.

Stairway falls can cause serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries including traumatic brain injury, compression fractures, herniated discs, hip fractures, ankle fractures and other broken bones.  Even minor injuries can result in big medical bills.

If you've been injured because of someone else's negligence, there's no reason you should have to suffer financially as well. At the Law Offices of Vatche Bostadjian, we help slip and trip and fall victims protect their rights so they get the compensation they need. Call us today to learn how we can help.

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