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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Over 11 million ankle injuries occur each year, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in medical costs and even greater costs in terms of lost wages, pain and suffering, and other accident-related effects. Many injuries occur as a result of car accidents, truck accidents or slip and fall accidents.

Accidents and Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries can be expensive to treat. They may require prolonged periods of therapy and medical care which can quickly absorb an accident victim’s hard-earned savings. Getting compensation from the at-fault person’s insurance company is an uphill battle, making the costs even more difficult to bear.

Ankle injuries can also have a significant impact on every aspect of life. The decrease in range of motion keeps accident victims from enjoying the activities of normal living. Since the ankle comprises bones of the heel and leg as well as many ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves, injuries are often complex.

Types of Ankle Injuries

Sprains and strains: These injuries typically involve the soft tissues – muscles, ligaments and tendons – which become stretched or torn as a result of a slip and fall or extreme or sudden twisting during a car or truck accident.

Fractures: Several types of fractures are possible, depending on which part of the ankle is involved.

Talus fractures: These fractures involve the bone of the heel and is common with car accidents and falls from heights where the heel receives the brunt of the impact. Recovery can take several months and often involves surgery to place pins or plates to keep the bone properly positioned during healing.

Malleolus fracture: These fractures occur when the end of the tibia or fibula, or both, become broken. Malleolus refers to the bony prominences on either side of the ankle. Healing can be a prolonged process, typically involving placement of plates and screws, and often involving complications like infection or clotting. Therapy can also be a long and arduous process.

Distal tibia or fibula fracture: These fractures involve portions of the leg bones away from the end portion of the bone, or malleolus. As with other fractures, fixation with screws, pins, and plates is common.

Nerve injury: Because of the ankle’s complicated anatomy, nerve impingement and other nerve-related damages are not uncommon. Symptoms include numbness or shooting, shock-like pain in the foot and toes.

Even once treatment is completed, ankle injuries can leave accident victims with lifelong problems, including increased risk of future injuries and painful osteoarthritis.

Costs of Ankle Injuries

Estimating both immediate and long-term damages resulting from an ankle injury can be difficult. At the Law Offices of Vatche Bostadjian, we have extensive experience helping accident victims get the compensation they need and deserve. Call today and learn how we can help you.

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