Need-to-Know of Dog Bite Claims for Children


Untrained dogs can be dangerous to children. Children are attracted to dogs by nature and may not be aware of how to protect themselves when the dog becomes aggressive.

You may worry about the cost of medical care and the impact on your child’s growth if a dog attacks your child. You may be able, under CA State Law, to recover compensation in a personal injuries claim for your child from the dog owner.

What Are the Consequences if a Dog Bites a Child?

Children are more likely to be injured by a poorly-trained dog or a dog who is not used around strangers. They are easier to bite by dogs that are angry. The jaws of a large dog are powerful enough to break the wrist or leg of a child in an attack. Its teeth and claws may also leave permanent scars on their faces. After a dog bite, children are more susceptible to infection.

Dog attacks are not just dangerous. Children can suffer from emotional trauma and violence after these attacks. After an attack, a child may require more than medical treatment. Parents can consider therapy in order to prevent their child from having a fear of dogs for life.

Who Is Responsible for a Dog Attack?

Any dog, if not properly trained by its owner, can become involved in an attack. Owners of large, energetic, high-energy, or puppies should be extra cautious. Dogs in a compact city like New York can be easily startled by the constant noise or become anxious because of the small area and loud noise. A dog that misbehaves or runs away from its owner could be a danger to pedestrians and neighbors.

It is the owner’s responsibility to stop a dog attack. By adopting a dog, owners accept responsibility if the animal harms anyone. To receive compensation for a dog attack, victims must first meet certain legal requirements.

Who Should I Call After an Attack?

You should contact a CA personal injuries lawyer at Tenina Law P.A after seeking medical treatment for your child, and notifying the CA Health Department of the bite. Our team of lawyers can investigate the case and fight for compensation for your child’s injuries and emotional trauma.

Tenina Law has recovered hundreds of thousand dollars for dog bite claims. In one case, we held the dog owner responsible after her dog jumped over a 4-foot fence and attacked a female walking her dog on the street.

Our team of Lawyers can investigate any case, no matter how complex, and help you determine the best way to receive compensation. Call us today at 213-596-0265 to discuss your options and receive a free consultation.

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